Jumper Presentation day

Posted By Andrew Tenni  
13:38 PM


Saturday 16th March 2019 - GJFC Club Rooms  -  5.00pm to 7.30pm

BBQ to run for the duration of the evening - Merchandise available for purchase


U9’s – 5pm to 6pm– CLUBROOMS

U14Girls – 5pm to 5:30pm – TOP Change rooms

U16Girls – 5pm to 5:30pm BOTTOM Change Rooms

U10’s – 5:30pm to 6pm – TOP Change rooms

U11’s – 5:30pm to 6pm – BOTTOM Change rooms

U13’s  - 6pm to 6:30pm – TOP Change rooms

U14’s – 6pm to 6:30pm – BOTTOM Change rooms

U15’s – 6:30pm to 7pm – TOP Change rooms

U16’s – 6.30pm to 7pm – BOTTOM Change rooms

U17’s – 7.00pm – CLUBROOMS


We would like to invite you to stay and support our U17’s with their Jumper Presentation in their final year of Junior Football